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The House Of The Vampire (1907)

by George Sylvester Viereck(Favorite Author)
3.28 of 5 Votes: 5
0982046707 (ISBN13: 9780982046708)
Bauu Institute
review 1: This was an interesting, creepy read that I downloaded for free on Kobo.com. I had always thought that the concept of psychic vampirism was a new convention, but this book proved that wrong.After reading some of the comments here on Goodreads, I realized this book has a bit of a reputation for its portrayal of bisexual characters. If you're looking at this book for "above PG" action, you'll be sorely disappointed. Since I wasn't reading it for that, I wasn't disappointed, and was actually impressed with the level of sophistication and the amount of character development contained in such a short book.
review 2: I thought this one was pretty crummy. It's from 1907 and described as the "first gay vampire novel", but its not really a vampire or gay. He's a "psychi
... morec vampire", so he just makes people around him tired instead of sucking blood from them, and people get would have gotten tired on their own anyway, it would just take longer. And don't expect anything sexy at all; this is modest even by 1907 standards. The vampire is popular and lots of people hang around him. Before video games came out, guys did the same things when they hung out as girls do now, which is basically just sitting around and moving from distraction to distraction. If you want to read a book that i read more recently, you're better off reading Nancy drew and the secret of the Old Clock. less
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Not interesting at all. I love vampire stories but this was not even about a true vampire.
Not too bad for a story published in 1907. It contains some very pretty writing.
Great Book just so wonderful!
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