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Shallow (2012)

by Georgia Cates(Favorite Author)
4.1 of 5 Votes: 4
Georgia Cates
Going Under
review 1: Payton is a beautiful girl that has always had the finer things in life. I have to say that she is well grounded and see's her parents for the uptight snobs they are. Nick is a smoking hot bad boy that goes through women like candy. When Payton bumps into Nick he world quickly turns upside down with how much he wants her. Nick never chases women they just come willingly but not smart mouth Payton. She is not immune to Nick's looks, but she doesn't want to be another notch on his post, so she fights the attraction she has for him. When Nick proves himself time and again, she has no reason to hold back. Things aren't easy for these two with both coming from very different backgrounds. Things get more tangled as Nick meets more of her family. Just when things are looking brig... moreht for these two Nick's past comes and blows his future with Payton to pieces. They both kind of just give up but with a little outside help one of them realizes they might have been wrong. Some sex but nothing detailed or raunchy. Fabulous ending.
review 2: Cuando empece este libro me dije a mi misma que no podia haber un escena tan sexy como la de cuando se conocieron. No se porque, pero asi fue. Todo el tramo fue increible y personajes que crei que no iba a desempeñar un papel tan importante, al final, me sorprendieron revelando algo sobre ellos o que hacian algo que nos dejaban en shock. Ame todo sobre el libro pero le di cuatro estrellas porque a pesar de que fue increible todo, no era una historia tan tan original. Es decir, no me canso de la historia del chico malo y eso, pero tampoco es que me sorprenda demasiado.Nick es totalmente asombroso.Payton, muy bien jugado todo... less
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Love it!!!!! Love the characters, the End, the Epilogue , Love everything ;)
Loved Payton and her sassy ways! Put Nick in his place. Quick, fun read!
This was such a great story, some surprising twist - never saw it coming!
There is a female character named Dallas in this book...very cool!
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