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Death And Transfiguration (2012)

by Gerald Elias(Favorite Author)
3.37 of 5 Votes: 3
0312678355 (ISBN13: 9780312678357)
Minotaur Books
Daniel Jacobus Mystery
review 1: An interesting way for a reader to get exposed to some Classical music 'inside baseball.' Not a bad story, but a good editor would not have gone amiss. Pedantic early chapters are followed by several interesting plot threads about halfway through. Unfotrunately, because the author got such a late start, these subplots are rushed and the subcharacters are just names on a page. Then, the threads all come together in a series of phone calls to the protagonist all in one night. Puh-leeze. If you love classical music, and you love mystery novels, you will like this book. If you don't love both, don't bother.
review 2: 3 1/2 starsAll is not as congenial or collegial among musicians, conductors and other orchestra personnel as audiences at a classical music con
... morecert might think. The author mines the personalities, jealousies, rivalries, love-hate relationships among these professionals to create a mystery that involves a renowned (fictitious) symphonic orchestra, a tyrannical conductor and murder.This is the fourth book in the Daniel Jacobus mystery series involving the blind, crotchety, amateur detective, Daniel Jacobus, former virtuoso violinist--but the first that I have read. According to the author, all titles are "excursions into the dark side of the classical music world".The author is an insider. He has been a violinist with professional symphonies, a professor of music and a professional chamber group player. His behind-the-scenes knowledge about life in the classical music world adds much to his novel. less
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The protagonist is a bit of a curmudgeon, even by my standards, but otherwise a pretty good mystery.
Such a slow beginning I couldn't stay with it see if it was any good.
I felt compelled to finish the series--
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