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Devil's Trill (2009)

by Gerald Elias(Favorite Author)
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0312541813 (ISBN13: 9780312541811)
Minotaur Books
Daniel Jacobus Mystery
review 1: I found this a fascinating introduction to the world of violinists, violin teachers, competition promoters, agents, dealers, violin repairers, collectors, etc. Daniel Jacobus is a blind, reclusive, crotchety violin teacher who lives in rural New England. When he reluctantly decides to attend the Grimsley Competition at Carnegie Hall, he is pulled back in to the NYC classical music world he thought he had left. The Grimsley Competition gives girl violinists, 13 and under, a chance to win the honor of performing on the Piccolino Stradivarius, " a uniquely three-quarter-sized violin that has brought misfortune to all who possessed it over the centuries." After the post-concert reception, the famous violin is missing. Jacobus is suspected of the theft. With the help of... more his friend and former musical partner, Nathaniel Williams, his new student, Yumi Shinagawa, and several quirky sidekicks, Jacobus sets out to recover the Piccolino. As he probes Grimsley board members for answers, he is soon accused of a murder as well as the theft.Definitely a mystery that makes the reader think more than most; I liked it and hope Elias will write more musical mysteries.
review 2: This book made me think about how society rates individuals talents by their perceptions. What starts out with a violin legend turns into a financial/musically polictical scheme. The sad part is the "pawns" in this contest. There are a few "f-bomb" which makes it a little uncomfortable to read in the language aspect. I enjoyed the way the teacher helped the students by making them think and giving small yet powerful suggestions. It really made me think about what we do to our second place finishers. A unique story! less
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OH MY GOD I FINISHED READING A BOOK. Not quite 7 months. I'm on a roll, people.
Much to like here in this musical murder mystery.
Great book!
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