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Deniable Death (2012)

by Gerald Seymour(Favorite Author)
3.72 of 5 Votes: 5
1444705873 (ISBN13: 9781444705874)
Hodder & Stoughton
review 1: The book jacket compares Gerald Seymour to Graham Greene, Eric Ambler and John le Carre. I would not have put him in that company. The book moves too slowly for me to consider it a thriller. Additionally, what is going to happen next is too predictable to keep one on the edge of his seat. There is a lot of what for me is extraneous detail about the characters, their background, and what they are feeling that causes the story to drag. I considered not finishing the book or just going to the last chapter to be certain there wasn't a plot quirk, but I slogged on. Will not seek out another book from the author.
review 2: I haven't read a Gerald Seymour thriller in a long time. On the basis of A Deniable Death more fool me. This is a brilliantly constructed contemp
... moreorary thriller. The storyline involves an Iranian bomb maker who is considered the best of the best, personally responsible of inventing the IED's that result in hundreds of coalition throops heading home in body bags from Iraq & Afghanistan. Then the Allied spooks get a break and think they have an in to catching or despatching him. That's where two diverse characters, Foxy & Badger, are tasked with the job of imbedding themselves into Iran itself to see if they can find out where the bomb taker is about to take his potentially terminally ill wife for treatment. While it takes a long time for the tension to build the plot of skilfully weaved into a tense and ultimately fatal conclusion. Great writing from another classy thriller writer less
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solid realistic spy fiction. dark and morallh ambiguous like the best of them
Nothing in the first 30 pages made me want to continue reading.
Best Spy novel I've read in a long time.
Garald Seymour in fine form…
So far so good!
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