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After Tomorrow (2013)

by Gillian Cross(Favorite Author)
3.94 of 5 Votes: 5
0192756265 (ISBN13: 9780192756268)
OUP Oxford
review 1: Honestly I love this book! I think it was in my top 10 books, it is such an unexpected plot! This is one of the best books you can read and I would age range it between 9-14 I think any older wouldn't find it as intresting. Got this book free off my school expecting it to be rubbish as when I got it I wasn't really into reading! But this book reminded me that all books aren't bad. Definate must read! The work of a genius! X
review 2: I started to read this book inadvertently. I picked it up and it simply engulfed me. Because I think about these things a lot. And I always sorta feel like we're all perpetually edging toward a scary, dystopian sci-fi bit of fiction. And I wanted to know how people would survive and stay human and how a book with this premise woul
... moredn't end up being a horrible and depressing morass. And it didn't. Because the take-home message syncs with something I've found out about life: even if it's not a "happy" ending, we have a way of figuring out a way to cope, survive and sometimes even enjoy all our new normals. Whatever they are. We don't know what the obstacles will be nor do we know what resources will be there to aid us. That's what's scary about change and the future. It's nice to read a book written for young people that equips all its readers with some philosophical tools for resilience. Handy and portable. less
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Love how this makes being a refugee real as it is set through an English experience
This dystopian concept is a thrilling ride.
bit slight
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