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Her Five Favorite Words (2010)

by Gina Gordon(Favorite Author)
3.35 of 5 Votes: 2
Breathless Press
5 Favorite
review 1: Lesson learned...if the book is super cheap just know it's going to be a short one...35 pages to be exact. I didn't see anywhere when I purchased the e-book how many pages there were? An average e-book of 300 or so pages is around 13 bucks...so in essence you're paying the same amount of money no real deal here. I feel as if the wool was pulled over my eyes but it won't happen again. I tried to do the right thing by PAYING for a book but if the Kobo store isn't going to give a better indication of something as important as how many pages there are, well...there are other sites I can go to and not spend a penny!
review 2: Amy Ramsey of Ramsey's Book Reviews - This bite-sized tryst is the very best kind of "love in an elevator". At first, the reader will nod
... morein sympathy with the heroine, who's long admired the hot boy in the coffee shop, but has never quite had the chance (or the nerve) to say what she really feels. A chance encounter, an opportunity to be alone, and a little sympathy are enough to ignite the sparks that quickly crackle between hero and heroine. The reader will fall into the easy, evocative style of Gordon's prose, and delight in this guilty pleasure that is just enough tease with plenty of follow-through. Equal parts funny, sexy, and well-written, I highly recommend this story, especially the promised "five favorite words" themselves, which made me smile. 5 stars! less
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very good, enjoyable, and colourful. one problem though: not long enough.
Short, sexy read.
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