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Auracle - Ein Mädchen, Zwei Seelen, Eine Liebe (2013)

by Gina Rosati(Favorite Author)
3.91 of 5 Votes: 5
3760789072 (ISBN13: 9783760789071)
review 1: It was an awesome book about a Anna who can astral project herself anything where on earth and anything where in the universe if she tried. She learned about her ability when she was under stress and it gave her great freedom to explore and recharge her batteries. all things goes wrong when a fellow classmate of her inhabit her body when the classmate dies. Now Anna must used her abilities to help not only save her life but her friend's life as well who is accused of killing her classmate. Along the way she discovers new powers and how she can help people outside her body but also from within.
review 2: I must admit that my favorite part of the story was Rosati's take on astral projection and all the difficult and strange elements that she added (like Anna not
... morebeing able to talk and ability to transfer energy).Rei is such an interesting character. He's half-Japanese, half-Caucasian and his house is really a mixture of the two culture. I enjoyed that.Anna is your typical YA heroine. A bit of an outcast, with only a few friends, that doesn't like makeup or other girlish things. She's an extremely kind heartened character and quick to forgive. But ... at times, I found this a wee bit bothersome. Probably because I'm pretty much the exact opposite. Considering her home life, I do find this saintly personality hard to fathom.Taylor is the antagonist. I found her a bit ... difficult to swallow. Her situation is so horrible and strange and out there, but she didn't really seem to stop to wonder, Why's this happening? How'd I get in this body? She just went with it and was like, Whateves, I'm alive. Plus, I don't know, the reason for her being so horrible at first was a little ... immature. She liked makeup and fashion and wore slightly skimmpy skirts so OMG OBVIOUSLY she is a slutty and horrible human being. Her background story felt like it was just thrown in there to make us dislike/distrust Taylor more. Like an afterthought. less
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Best book I have ever read! Read it in 2 days, just wanting to get to the end.
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