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The Sometime Bride (2000)

by Ginny Baird(Favorite Author)
3.23 of 5 Votes: 5
review 1: The Sometime Bride is a humorous romance by Ginny Baird. It was simply delightful to read. Carrie St John had just been jilted by her fiancé Winston. He had taken her to a beautiful inn and at dinner had told her he loved someone else but wanted her to keep the ring and to enjoy the weekend at the inn. Furious and heartbroken, Carrie throws the ring into the pool. Now she has to figure out how to tell her Grandmother and aunts they will have to cancel Sunday’s shower as well as all the wedding arrangements. She really hates to disappoint them and embarrass herself. Mike Davis brought Alexia to the inn for the weekend and proposed to her over dinner. He gave her a ring that cost him all he had. Alexia wants more than he can give her and rudely declines his propo... moresal. As she is leaving, she throws her ring into the pool. Mike can’t afford to lose the ring so uses his swimming ability to go to the bottom of the pool to find the ring. He is having a hard time finding it but finds another ring first. When he comes to the surface, he tries to give Carrie her ring back but makes him angry in the process. When they calm down, they talk about their lives. Mike learns about Carrie’s family gathering on Sunday and she learns that he intended to take Alexis to his 20th high school reunion as his wife showing them that he did make it. The two decide to help each other out. Mike will pretend to be Carrie’s fiancée and go to the shower on Sunday. In turn, Carrie will go as his intended to his high school reunion. Then they will break up after that. Will the charade work? Will Mike be threatened by the fact that Carrie has money even though she earned it herself? Will Carrie be upset that Mike is so poor? What else can happen to the two of them?
review 2: Carrie and Mike are both at the same country inn - not together. Each of them have just been dumped. That is not an excellent way for two people to meet but it is one of the reasons this book is attractive to the reader. This is not your same old romance.Both Carrie and Mike are charming characters who are created to be well rounded human beings. Each of them have intelligence, humor and anxieties about themselves. The secondary characters add to the texture of the story. But, most of the book deals with Carrie and Mike alone.Ms Baird writes a well developed plot and creates likeable characters. I can see why readers enjoy her books so much.If you like a romance with humor and a hero and heroine who endear themselves to you, this is a book for you. less
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Just couldn't really get into this book.
Amazon (ebook) freebie 2/9/13
Nice cold weather read.
loved it
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