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The Homesman (2014)

by Glendon Swarthout(Favorite Author)
3.9 of 5 Votes: 5
1476754268 (ISBN13: 9781476754260)
Simon & Schuster
review 1: I thought this gave an interesting alternative view of people who travelled West to the frontier. It illustrates how most of the "history" we know is written from the perspective of the winners or those who were successful. What did happen to people who were casualties of the hard lifestyle ? I don't know how historically accurate it is but it felt realistic and I thought it was well written. Will be interested to see what the film is like and how it sticks to the plot of the book. I knew they'd cast an attractive woman (Hilary Swank) as the leading role even tho the book clearly describes her as "homely". I didn't find this an anti -feminist book as I thought it would be quite realistic that a woman in that era would have been raised to think that she needed to find a hus... moreband to have some social standing and that it would be helpful when you were living in a homestead to have a man around for tasks !
review 2: I loved this book.... until midway. For me it was all downhill from there. I'm giving it a 3 because I became totally involved with the characters. So much so, that at one point I actually became angry with what happened.Not going to list spoilers here, but I will say I thought the book ended without any point. I became very invested in the characters and like a child I had so much hope for who became a failure as a human being, I became frustrated and felt totally let down. While I do not have a problem with sad books or books with negative subject matters, I felt this book made me sad and unhappy for no reason. WHATSOEVER.However, the fact this book affected me to such a degree does say something about the writer and his writing skills. Hence, the 3 stars..... less
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Amazing. Finished it a few days ago, but the characters are staying with me.
Now to see the movie with/directed by Tommy Lee Jones and with Hilary Swank.
Awesome!I received this book as a Goodreads First Reads giveaway.
If you love Kent Haruf and Cormac McCarthy. You'll love this book
Good but grim.
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