Stalker by Lars Kepler

The some women of Stockholm are being watched. They are being filmed without their knowledge and then murdered in their own homes. The film is emailed to Stockholm’s National Crime Investigation Department but before the police can identify the woman in the film, she is found brutally murdered. Because, by the time the film was sent, the killer was already in the woman’s home. Detective Margot Silverman desperately investigates these gruesome murders with the help of Joona Linna and psychiatrist Erik Bark, trying to catch the killer before more women die.

I enjoyed this book – a really great story with many layers. A proper ‘whodunit?’ – I did not expect the killer to be who it was revealed to be and with the motivations they had.  The stalker/ voyeurism descriptions are super creepy and definitely make you want to close your curtains and lock your door.

Lars Kepler is the  pen name for the Swedish literary couple Alexander Ahndoril and Alexandra Coelho Ahndori. This is the fifth book in the Joona Linna series but it reads well as a stand alone novel.

The only criticism I have is that as this is a translated work some of the sentence structure and grammar is not great. The errors are few and if you can see past that, you have a corker of a book on your hands.

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