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Book Of Souls (2010)

by Glenn Cooper(Favorite Author)
3.78 of 5 Votes: 2
0099534479 (ISBN13: 9780099534471)
Will Piper
review 1: All I could think about was the national t treasure book of secrets while I was reading this. It was quite slow to start and I was wondering why it was dragging so long. It felt like a literary as well as crime fiction and a religious book. Getting through the first hundred pages required a lot of motivation, but after that the plot was quite interesting and fast paced. But when it was close to hundred pages towards the end, it was not difficult to guess how it would end and personally I found that boring. Unlike the books I'm used to reading, where every single page hold a surprise, about a hundred pages of nothing new was quite disappointing. However making use of the relevance of some of the great philosophers and writers the world of literature has ever seen , now that... more was very clever and I believe that without their relevance, this book would hardly be worth anything. Also I still don't feel like justice has been endowed upon the title yet. Clever but a boring work. It would have been more interesting if the author didn't confuse himself or others as to which genre he based his book upon.
review 2: I made the mistake of leaving it a bit too long after the first book to read this sequel of Library of the Dead. Although it stands alone reasonably well as a separate story much reference is made to the first book. This time, Will Piper, now in forced early retirement and married with a young son, becomes involved in the pursuit for the one volume missing from the original collection and recently unearthed in the UK. As in Library of the Dead, the story flips back several centuries and there are some great encounters with Shakespeare and Nostradamus. I feel the book lets itself down a bit by becoming completely unbelievable towards the end. Now that might be a ridiculous thing to say considering the whole plot is completely absurd but even the most far fetched storylines have to be a little credible. Still a good read though for those who enjoy thrillers such as the Da Vinci Code. less
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Extraordinario trabajo de investigación y buena historia. Amo mas a Nancy que a Will Piper.
Really enjoyed this book...even more than the first one. can't wait to read the final book.
Very interesting! I enjoyed the tie-in with historical figures. On to the next one!
Interesting concept, but too much sexism.
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