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The Hanging Shed (2000)

by Gordon Ferris(Favorite Author)
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Douglas Brodie
review 1: The Hanging Shed was good. In fact, I didn't expect it to be this good. I just envisioned some wartime novels involving a war hero and some serial killers but no. I actually found myself very interested with what was going on. To tell you more, this was a lot like Dennis Lehane's plot style. Nothing was as it seemed. Everything was twisted and everybody seemed to know something the hero did not. One thing would lead him to one person, then it would lead him to another, then lead him to someone so close you couldn't take the tension building. Not to mention, Douglas Brodie was a fine character. He was not a good person, if you must know, because he had no qualms about killing a human being in cold blood, he also had no remorse and what else are you looking for! Adding to ... morethat, Samantha Campbell was a very likable character. I was also fascinated with the old era and the dialogues sure embroadened my vocabulary. I have a few issues with the descriptions because they couldn't make me imagine; they made me rather confused but that's okay. I like this wee novel; I highly recommend it.
review 2: Good story but disappointed by the historical inaccuracies found in it. The Gorbals tenements were not red sandstone but grey. I went to school in the Gorbals from 1946 to 1958. The Clydebank Blitz was 1941, not 1940.(Correct date given in later pages) Why get a bus and two trams from St Enoch's Station to Barlinnie when a short walk to Union Street would let you get a No 8 tram direct to Riddrie. Same applies when going from Crown Street to Gorbals Cross. It's another short walk. The Firth of Clyde is at its coldest in April, not its warmest and Brodie would have died long before the fishermen found him I think. There were no car ferries on the Clyde until the min '50s. You could get a car on a steamer but with great difficulty and there was no car deck down below. I enjoyed the story but please, more acurate descriptions. My son, born in 1970, thought it was a very good read! less
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entertaining story with plenty twists and turns. I will read more Gordon Ferris books after this
Full of twists and turns which made for an interesting but not an entirely believable story.
Great tale. Loved the bits of dialogue. I'll be reading more Gordon Ferris!
A great thriller, that left me wondering and speculating almost to the end
Tense, fast-paced action thriller.
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