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Design*Sponge At Home (2011)

by Grace Bonney(Favorite Author)
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1579654312 (ISBN13: 9781579654313)
review 1: Synopsis: people really into 'stuff' making a lot of fuss about tatty finds and hand-me-downs. My house has plenty...though not so prized/ artfully arranged. Usual shtick that we should be visiting more flea markets etc to search for the elusive 'piece' to fill a particular space in our home (read: life). Most of the DIY projects are for those with more time than sense. Some are vaguely useful but lacking in detail. Wish I hadn't bought it.
review 2: Do you love looking at interior design blogs? If you answered yes then you are going to enjoy this book. It is broken down into 5 sections. 1)Sneak Peeks - This is the largest part of the book which is exactly what it says, a peek into someone's living space. You can go to the blog and see so much more of these sp
... moreaces which were originally on the blog, but here you will just get a peek of that space. A great many of the spaces are of people who are very successful in interior design or a related field.2)DIY Projects - I think that says everything.3)DIY Basics - which shares with you the basic tools that you will want, and things like how to strip wood furniture, how to paint furniture, and sewing basics, among other things. 4)Flower Workshop which shares the basics of flower arranging.5)Before and After spaces which concentrates on redoing furniture.Of course you can see all of this on the blog, but personally I love to be able to hold an actual book in my hands and put the computer/ipad away for awhile. Have you noticed that a lot of design books are doing away with a jacket cover and have created a much more attractive book cover? I like that! less
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So many projects! I have so many ideas now....
Fun and informative. A good visual resource.
So fun, and looks pretty on the shelf!
Pretty with some useful ideas.
Great DIY projects!
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