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Broken Angels (2013)

by Graham Masterton(Favorite Author)
3.73 of 5 Votes: 3
Head of Zeus
Katie Maguire
review 1: I actually really enjoy Graham Masterton's mystery work--I enjoyed the first Katie Maguire novel a great deal. She's a likable heroine--strong and smart and funny with a touch of tragedy. I think that's why I had some issues with this volume in the series. I don't like to put spoilers in my reviews, hidden or not but I had issues with decisions her character made in terms of her romantic life. I liked the actual mystery subject a lot. I found it creepy and interesting and suitably gory as is typical with Masterton. I would definitely have given it a higher rating had Katie's personal story line gone differently--I would just say that I am a romantic and I am good with the idea of sacrifice for love but I felt some of her behavior was just out of character for such a ... morestrong female character. It truly interfered with my enjoyment of the book. If you don't care as much about that sort of thing, the book is great--it has good twists, some creative and icky deaths and a bang-pop of an ending. I tend to get very attached to characters in books and some Katie's decisions just did not sit well with me. That said, nothing will ever stop me reading Graham Masterton--he's wonderful.
review 2: The second book following the career of Detective Inspector Kate McGuire. It's a tough and an uncomfortable read as at times it involves repeated scenes of castration (ouch!)The story revolves around the creation of a "choir of Castrati" and as this suggest involves sexual and physical abuse. A number of priests are disappearing soon to be found horribly mutilated, all evidence points to an abuse of power and privilege within the church. The action is fast, the storyline never falters, and all this set against Kate's personal life which is fast disintegrating. I actually preferred book one in the series "White Bones" (originally released as A Terrible Beauty) but both are great reads by the master of horror Graham Masterton turning his talents to gritty crime writing...I look forward to no.3 in the series. less
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Love this series of books the story lines are so original can't wait until the next one is released.
Excellent read. Intrigue, suspense, good detective novel with an unusual and original criminal type.
The subject matter was difficult to read at times, but I couldn't put it down. Very well written.
Second Graham Masterton and it wont be the last kept me interested all the way through.
Excellent book. gory but good
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