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Batman Incorporated, Vol. 2: Gotham's Most Wanted (2013)

by Grant Morrison(Favorite Author)
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1401244009 (ISBN13: 9781401244002)
DC Comics
Batman Incorporated
review 1: Grant Morrison and Chris Burnham combine for the conclusion to the Leviathan story arc in this second collection of Batman Incorporated. Spurned by her lover and her son, Talia al Ghul has determined to destroy everything the Batamn has ever loved. The streets of Gotham are filled with rioters, the massive monster known as the Heretic has beaten the Bat, and the London-based Knight has been killed. As the Bat-family faces a final siege by the terrorists, Damian Wayne pays the ultimate price, slain by his own overgrown clone. Battered and broken, Bruce Wayne collects the Suit of Sorrows, the Man-Bat formula, and a terrifying new armor to end Talia's vendetta for good. The collection also includes look-ins on the Batman of Japan and his strange cases, the Squire's transition... more to become the newest Knight, race relations with Raven Red, a European team-up, and the uniquely odd Bat-Cow. While Talia's descent into madness is still hard to swallow, Morrison does a fine job of building a suspenseful and epic tale for the Batman mythos. Burnham's art feels a little jarring in some places during this tome, which does tend to take one out of the story; the fact that he attempts to channel Frank Quitely is what might be the biggest issue one has with this collection. The backup tales, while fun, still feel rushed or unfinished. One cannot overlook the death of Damian Wayne though, making this volume most wanted by many a Batman fan.
review 2: Wow, the end of Grant Morrison's Epic Batman run. It took seven years, but it has never been boring. This book really shows the influence that Morrison has in the industry. Whether it was his short time at Marvel, or his time in DC, writers are always keen on tapping into his bizzare and awe inspiring creations. This book has it all, the Knight and Squire, Damian, the Japanese Batman and the most terrifying version of Talia Al' Ghul you could ever imagine. I know Scott Snyder is killing it on the New 52 Batman title, but the modern Batman status quo owes so much to Morrison. less
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the end of Morrison's seven year (!) run of Batman stories
Not as great as the start of this story,but good.
A aventura da batcow é qualquer coisa...
Grant Morrison is just full of jokes.
Sad to see Damian go.
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