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The Last Run (2011)

by Greg Rucka(Favorite Author)
4.04 of 5 Votes: 1
0553589016 (ISBN13: 9780553589016)
Queen & Country
review 1: By this book, I didn't want this series to end. Chace is still amazing and still grips your heart, but the other characters really shined in this book too. Like everything else by Rucka, the honest respect he writes every character on the page is apparent, even if that character is an antagonist capable of things that rile your disgust. Also, like everything else by Rucka, the story, despite it's fantastical spy thriller labeling, is full of incredible heart.
review 2: Great book. Greg Rucka is one of my favorite authors these days and Tara Chace is one of my favorite characters. This is another in-depth, heart-pounding, intelligent spy novel that nails all of the best things of the genre and outshines most other spy novels because of Rucka's great gift for cha
... moreracter. The plot is driven, exciting, and overlaps with contemporary politics but it is the characters that make this book work, especially Chace, who is so well-drawn I feel like I know her. Or want to know her. Or work for her. less
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Tara Chace is back in a big way. Rucka has mastered the spy novel genre.
Once again Tara is superb plot and characters most enjoyable.
Very good spy novel - fitting way to end this series.
Kept me guessing...
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