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It Came From Hell And Smashed The Angels (2014)

by Gregor Xane(Favorite Author)
3.71 of 5 Votes: 4
new dollar pulp
review 1: This author has a great writing style. It held my attention and created a dark, gritty atmosphere. The story was short but then it was written as a short story which I did not realize until I started reading. I liked the ending, very unexpected. However after giving it some though I decided it was somewhat implausible. I can not go into detail without spoiling the end, so I won't. There was also a scene mid story that did not seem to mesh with the ending. None of this however took away from enjoying the read.I received the story as a free download during the author's Amazon promotion.
review 2: Gregor Xane is currently one of my favorite indie authors. I had a blast with SIX DEAD SPOTS, and couldn't wait to get my hands on this one. IT CAME FROM HELL AND SMASHE
... moreD THE ANGELS is an original tale that is far too short but still manages to pack one hell of a punch. Several witty lines caught my attention, like "A carpet of bikers," and the simile regarding an old lady fainting. Xane has a knack for delivering powerful visuals while maintaining an economy of words. He's also a confusing son of a biscuit eater. Even though this story is only fourteen Kindle pages long, I had to discuss the ending with a friend before writing this review. As with SIX DEAD SPOTS, Xane doesn't hold the reader's hand. This is intelligent fiction with a splash of horror, gore, and bizarro that should please hardcore and casual readers alike.The writing here is all aces, folks - a flawless read. I applaud Xane for his attention to the technical details. I'm gonna have to go with only four stars, though, because the segues in this piece are nonexistent. Xane jumps willy-nilly from one thing to another, and that gives the story a disjointed feel. Maybe a few more words tacked onto the word count could have smoothed out the transitions, but this is simply me being nit-picky.In a Sumerian... in summation... whatever: IT CAME FROM HELL AND SMASHED THE ANGELS is a quick and brutal read from an author who really should write and publish more. I can think of far worse ordeals than being stuck on a deserted island with an ereader filled with Gregor Xane titles. Grab this one for free on Amazon then buy SIX DEAD SPOTS. If you're disappointed in either one, you and I probably can't be friends anymore. Just sayin'... less
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An excellent horror short. Good main character, cool monster, unexpected ending. Highly recommended.
This was definitely odd, but I did enjoy it. I will look for more books by this author.
Great quick read, can't wait to see what's next from the author!
Not my kind OK story.
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