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Demon's Night (2009)

by Guido Henkel(Favorite Author)
3.41 of 5 Votes: 5
0982773005 (ISBN13: 9780982773000)
Thunder Peak Publishing
Jason Dark - Ghost Hunter
review 1: I wanted to like this book, because I love man against monster stories. The writing was desperately in need of more attention, from people moving from fear to anguish but not having time to panic or "tormentous" screams ringing through the foggy night. A good writers' group could have smoothed the text out, shortened the unnecessary description, and actually gotten the story started much sooner. Instead, strangers take forever to die, the mist speaks, and the main character when we finally meet him is too busy for a haircut but not for a leisurely breakfast. Wish I'd read the same book the other reviewers did. They seemed to enjoy it much more than I did.
review 2: What an exciting idea for a series. Jason Dark is a paranormal investigator in Victorian London,
... morehot on the trail of a demon responsible for a string of bizarre murders. Author Guido Henkel writes very evocative descriptions, and the reader can easily "see" the gaslights and fog-drenched streets. But some of the storytelling is a tad clunky; i.e., there's a lot of telling rather than showing, and way too much passive voice for my tastes, which took me out of the story repeatedly. Also, the ebook had a number of typos. But even so, this is a fine, and short, read. I look forward to future installments. less
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Not much happened. I know it's a short story, but I was still hoping for more, read some, plot.
Not bad but not good either - Kinda just another story
Good, but not so good as I expected.
Reminded me of the TV show Grimm.
Kindle freebie.
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