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Oscar Wilde Et Le Mystère De Reading (2013)

by Gyles Brandreth(Favorite Author)
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The Oscar Wilde Murder Mysteries
review 1: Just loved this book. It was a fascinating look into Oscar Wildes life and the time he lived in. If prisons were like they were in Oscar's time I feel there would be less crime.The ending is one that you would ever imagine and the characters are just that they are characters.The people are flawed society is flawed.I love how one guy blames books for his actions were as in our time it would be television.This is a story of redemption and salvation of the soul.I can't wait to read the other books in this series.
review 2: In the latest installment of the Oscar Wilde novels, and the last, Brandreth outdoes himself with such a stellar novel! Oscar Wilde tells his tale of what happened while he was incarcerated in the prison of Reading Gaol for just over two year
... mores. In fact, everything that transpires is gritty and gripping. I couldn't stop turning the pages, so enthralled was I with Wilde's story - one he tells after his release.While he's spending his time, Wilde's clever detective skills are put to use when a warden and a chaplain are found murdered. But what I found the most riveting is the change in Wilde's character. He really gives us, the reader, an indepth look into what he's thinking. Being silence, when he's used to speaking whenever he wanted and how, not to mention that there is next to no humor in between these pages, it's clear that Wilde faces some of his own fears and humanity. I'm sad to see the series end, but if this is, indeed, the last one, Brandreth did Wilde proud. Excellent writing and character depiction. If you enjoy this series, you won't want to miss this one. It's the best of the series! I can't praise this book enough!! less
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More somber than the rest of the series but just as well done.
Fun enough. It seemed very Sherlock Holmes-ian.
Well written and a gripping tale.
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