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Tree Lady (2013)

by H. Joseph Hopkins(Favorite Author)
4.2 of 5 Votes: 3
Beach Lane Books
review 1: I love finding an information book to share with my preschool children! The story of Kate conveys the values - caring for nature and improving your and others' lives - I want to share with my own kids. Restful, "fresh" illustrations with a quaint feel. The text had a pattern to it making the prose sound poetic. "Most girls were discouraged from studying science. But not Kate." A little long for storytime, but definitely good for lap reading.
review 2: Kate Sessions was quite the innovative woman. She was the first woman to graduate from Univ. of California with a science degree and the visionary who helped transform San Diego's city park from a dry dust bowl to a green haven. I have never heard of Kate Sessions before reading this book. The story of how Kate
... more repeatedly did the seemingly impossible and mobilized others to do so as well, and at a time when women weren't as commonly city leaders is inspirational. Oh, and I absolutely loved the illustrations in this book. A fantastic picture book about one woman who made a lasting difference, used her science knowledge and helped others in a way that has impacted numerous people over several generations. (And having lived in Southern California for a while, let me say you really can't underestimate the way a little greenery can help people's moral in such a dry and dusty climate, not to mention the ability to breathe.) less
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A perfect intro to a woman who changed horticulture forever.
All about the woman who founded Balboa Park in California.
Used with first graders when I read to them The Lorax.
Beautiful: illustrations and story. Women in science!
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