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A Vicky Hill Exclusive! (2008)

by Hannah Dennison(Favorite Author)
3.16 of 5 Votes: 2
0425220486 (ISBN13: 9780425220481)
Vicky Hill
review 1: This got one star because it was the lowest I could give and get this review box to pop up. Blurbs on back of the book called it "charming" and "something a present day Jane Austen might write"-ha! they must not have been reading the same book-it was about as charming as road kill and one of the few mystery books I stop reading before the end-only got to about page 70. The reporter in a small English town premise sounded promising but it was a washout.
review 2: This book irritated me. I wanted to slap the protagonist. She was supposed to be the child of a jewel thief who was familiar with police procedure, had experience with the criminal world, etc. Instead she seemed naive, was constantly creating wild scenarios out of no evidence, and checking out eve
... morery man as a possible bed partner. I think the author was trying to create a humorous heroine, but I just found her annoying. less
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I looooove Vicky Hill, and this was a fantastic introduction to a new series. Love, love, love!
Laugh out loud funny! Can't wait for the next in the series!!!
fantastic cozy mystery series
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