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The Future Of Faith (2009)

by Harvey Cox(Favorite Author)
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0061755524 (ISBN13: 9780061755521)
review 1: This book is thought-provoking but dense. Cox addresses the growing trend of people to identify themselves as "spiritual" instead of religious and the church's role in that shift. Primarily, Cox blames the church's increasing reliance on doctrine with a decreasing emphasis on faith and relationship with God. I was fortunate to hear Cox speak and found him to be engaging and charming. I wish some of that charm had come through in his book. Instead, the Harvard professor emeritus supports his views with dense, often dry, history and political commentary. Still, it’s worth a try if you’re interested in diving deep into the modern church and its evolving trends.
review 2: Harvey Cox, retiring professor of divinity and world religions at Harvard, offers his view
... more on what is happening with religion and faith in our country and around the world. His very well informed viewpoint leaves me with a much more optimistic view than I would have ever thought. He says that fundamentalism is actually waning across the world (for all faiths) and that religious creeds, beliefs and dogma are giving way to grassroots movements rooted in social justice and spiritual experience. How exciting and promising is that? less
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A stimulating read, though dampened a bit as I often found myself poking wholes in Dr. Cox's thesis.
I think I have a crush on Harvey Cox. I really enjoyed what he had to say.
Good analysis on how the Christian faith evolved and continues to evolve.
great overview of where religion and society interface in today's world
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