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Throwaway (2010)

by Heather Huffman(Favorite Author)
3.64 of 5 Votes: 2
0557543533 (ISBN13: 9780557543533)
review 1: Kindle freebieI wanted to like this. I really did. I can see the author is trying to do.something a little different, and she's got her heart in the right place. But in the end .... no. Just no. Just like every other Kindle freebie, I was left feeling disappointed.First, the plot: Jessie, a former foster child, became a prostitute at 18, because she felt she had no where else to turn. Her pimp, Spence, is possessive, jealous, and suspicious. She accidentally falls in love with a cop, Gabe. And then on to what left me disappointed:First, and most importantly: the dialogue was flat and stilted, as if actors are merely reciting lines without emotion, inflection, or even any thought.Second, the story is choppy. One thing will happen, and then, in the next paragraph, clearly... more lots of things happened. We just weren't there for them. Sex scenes were particularly problematic in this regard (tho certainly not the only instances of this problem.). I get that the author does want to write explicitly sex, and that's fine. But instead of describing ANYTHING, we are just told "she cried when it was over." The first time, this really confused me. The characters had explicitly stated that they were NOT going to have sex. That makes it a "thing" ... at the least, we could maybe read "they lay together" (I mean, you know, if you REALLY want to be delicate). Plus, crying after sex? an odd reaction, and not one I'd expect to see twice. But our Jessie is a crier.Third, the characters have no depth. I felt like the were faces drawn on balloons, just bobbing around. There's no THERE there. As a result, I didn't really care about anyone. I actually got really excited at the 50% mark when it looks like Gabe died. I sat up and thought, "well this IS different! Will she go on to fall in love again, with half the story left to go?" (plot spoiler: I was wrong.)And finally: the characters often seemed rather stupid.
review 2: For one it moves too fast. It's short and the plot moves too fast and the story jumps right in like the second book to a series when this is a common stand alone. I didn't know what was going on half the time. The characters were quite childish and undeveloped. Especially the dialogue grown women don't talk childishly like Jessie who calls Gabe a big fat jerk all the time. What grown women says that? It would've been better if they were in high school but not grown adults who don't know each other. Honestly, they fell in love too easily. I wasn't pleased by the fact that they just meet one day and start talking all cute with each other like they're already a couple. The book was slow in some parts didn't make sense in other and ended too hastily. The author just destroyed the ending and ended it abruptly. It was predictable and Jessie's getting pregnant didn't seem appropriate. The author simply skimmed through months of her alone in her apartment with a developing child. Overall the book was okish. That may be an exaggeration. It's definitely not a must read. I didn't like it and Jessie's "profession" is taken quite lightly and the book seemed to change too much like the author couldn't focus on one point. So for the most part ok I guess. less
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This short story was entertaining, but kind of predictable in its outcome...
Better than I thought it might be, but clichéd at the same time.
Free on Amazon as of 10/13/14!
This is a MUST read!!
Easy read, good too.
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