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The Littlest Angel (2012)

by Heidi Chandler(Favorite Author)
4.42 of 5 Votes: 4
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review 1: Not many books can bring me to tears, but I cried and being someone who is not overly emotional it takes a lot. Heidi shared one of the most horrible part of her life. I am a firm believer in everything happens for a reason but it still does not make things easy nor does it always make sense. but having the mind set of this shall to pass is critical. this book was phenomenal and I would recommend it to anyone. its a must read.
review 2: It’s her first story –and very expressively told! Makes for easy reading, so good I didn’t want to put it down and read it in one sitting.As the author puts it: She’s truly been on a journey to hell and back! There is nothing more devastating than experiencing a loss of a child – I can only “ditto” that statemen
... moret. But then again, it’s the worse feeling imaginable when the loss occurs inside you – the womb. And still you (the parent) must remain sane to embrace the life of being a wife, sister and daughter herself. Having experienced a loss, I know the guilty this author was carrying had to be a heavy burden – as it clawed her brain. And when you read her story, you can feel the pain, the hurt and emotional trauma she endured. The author does a superb job in presenting her story. She gives very explicit details of her journey from beginning to end. As she tells the story, from a first person perspective, it’s crystal clear of the road she had to travel – I had no difficulty walking alongside her as she took the journey. I could vividly see every situation occurring – as if I too took those same footsteps. Unless, you’ve walked the journey, some may find it difficult to embrace the moment; but when you read about this “Littlest Angel” you’re sure to find yourself in that moment. When this author presented her conscious thought-out questions in Chapter 22, they were all so very real – and perhaps, what any parent would have said in that situation. After all, parents are not supposed to live to bury their children. Yet, when I saw her two sons Carter and Preston (pictured on this website), I know she had gotten to more “Angels” to give comfort to her loss – and precious ones at that. What a miraculous comeback. less
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I could have done without a lot of the language used in this book. Heartbreaking book!
Amazing book. So incredibly sad but open and honest and wonderfully written!
Awesome book!
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