Daniel Clowes – Patience

Having read nearly all of Clowes works (I’m missing Death Ray) I can say that Ghost World remains a highlight. However Patience sets a new standard and definitely is the best thing he has done.

The story focuses on a young couple and the wife, Patience is found murdered. Her husband then tries to avenge her death by travelling back and forth through time in order to stop the murder. This being a Daniel Clowes comic, you can expect things not to be so straightforward.

Although the plot borders on the ridiculous, it isn’t. Clowes does a magnificent job of encapsulating his character’s anguish, pain and desperation. Something I always felt he’s never done before, not only that this is a visual masterpiece. Colours and shapes come out of nowhere, amazing visuals. It’s a color riot and considering how dour Clowes gets, this was refreshing as well.

If I am not mistaken, Patience is Clowes first comic that does not have ties with eightball and is 180 pages long, usually he’s expresses more in being brief but with Patience it works. This comic is stuffed with brave moves and it pays off

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