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Learn To Fly (2000)

by Heidi Hutchinson(Favorite Author)
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Double Blind Study
review 1: *4.5 STARS*Have you thought "If I've read one rock star story, I've read them all," or rock band stories are not really my trope? If so, I implore you to think again. Learn to Fly is not the typical story about a band or the wild antics of boys in a band. Hutchinson's first novel in the Double Blind Study series IS.SO.MUCH.MORE.With a Foo Fighters' song as its title and song titles for chapters, IT IS rock and roll. But the roots of this book are so firmly based in all the beautifully complex yet utterly believable relationships, connections and interactions between friends (band members, love them) and would-be lovers (Luke and Lenny, sigh). There is romance and recovery. Both are so realistically portrayed by the author with the right amount of sweetness, angst and sense... more of humor. It is a well-written story with endearing and meticulously crafted characters (major and supporting) and world building (not just the touring rock and roll lifestyle, but also extreme snowboarding as well). I'm officially a fan of DBS - the band, the series - and its creator, too. :)
review 2: Where were the "foul-mouthed" rock stars? And Lenny I just wanted to throw her off the bus or under it. She was so selfish and self-centered that I just screamed at my ereader because of her. Luke you idiot you should of walked away from the spoiled bitch.But the only redeeming parts of the book were when Mike,Sway,Harrison,and Blake were there! Loved those guys. Like a glutton I am going to read Blake's story because he is my favorite rocker for DBS!Please Have a story for the rest of the guys they were awesome! less
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Is a great book to read forever and ever since the heart of a great book to read
Loved this book... the story line was fantastic! look forward to the next one!
LOVE this book!! So refreshing to read a CLEAN rocker romance!!
Loved it! Review to come!
absolutely loved this
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