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How To Hide A Lion (2012)

by Helen Stephens(Favorite Author)
3.99 of 5 Votes: 5
1407120662 (ISBN13: 9781407120669)
Alison Green
review 1: A lion comes to town to buy a hat, but the frightened townspeople run him off. A young girl, Iris, finds him hiding in her playhouse. She keeps him and attempts to hide him from her parents. It works for awhile until he falls asleep and she can't move him in time to prevent her mom from discovering him. The lion runs back to town and hides among a couple of stone lions. He thwarts a robbery and becomes a hero. Great story and wonderful illustrations that almost feel retro.
review 2: A lion wanders into town to buy a hat, but the townspeople are afraid and chase him away. He hides in Iris' playhouse (though he can't really hide because it's too small). So Iris takes him into the house and tries to hide him there because "Moms and Dads can be funny about ha
... moreving a lion in the house."Lions are big, fluffy and heavy, so "It wasn't easy hiding a lion", but Iris manages. They even manage to have some fun, until Mom discovers the lion and he runs again. While hiding in plain sight, though, the lion manages to stop a burglary and becomes a hero. "I told you he was a kind lion," says Iris.A satisfying circle story in which it begin with a hat and ends with a hat. A good message about judging others and tolerance. Other themes include Friendship and loyalty. Good stuff. less
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i love this picture book!!! the illustrations are big and fantastic. i want a lion of my own!!!
Great read aloud for PreK storytime. How would you hide a lion?
Eh, cute, but not sure why all the buzz.
Absolutely delightful!
Super sweet!
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