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Amelia Bedelia Means Business (2013)

by Herman Parish(Favorite Author)
3.98 of 5 Votes: 4
006209498X (ISBN13: 9780062094988)
Greenwillow Books
Amelia Bedelia Chapter Books
review 1: My thoughts on Amelia Bedelia (which I am definitely over-thinking):1) I was extremely interested in getting to know the people, i.e. parents, who let Amelia Bedelia turn into a grown woman without a solid grasp on figurative language. Amelia's parents appear to have no concept of how bad the problem is and often continue conversations without explaining the element that Amelia misunderstood--I realize that would kill the joke, but I'm a bit worried about my favorite fictional character and her future academic career. Did she ever make it into college???2) Minorly concerned about Amelia and her ill-fated run as a waitress... Isn't legal hiring age 15 at the lowest? Child labor laws? (I know, over-thinking it. But, if real-life kids are trying to earn money for real-l... moreife bikes, this option is prolly not gonna fly for them.) 3) I thought the book could benefit from a sort of misunderstands glossary. It would help refresh the ideas in kid's heads and also make sure that they're in on the joke. There was one misunderstanding that took me about 5 minutes to figure out, and, even then, I had to turn to google to make sure I was interpreting it right. :/4) Other rants aside, I'm super pumped about seeing Amelia at this age, because I love characters who grow as kids grow, like Fancy Nancy-->Nancy Clancy and so on.
review 2: I was worried when I saw Amelia Bedelia chapter books coming out. The picture books can be pretty confusing for kids already, so I thought these would be tough. This does a nice job of showing young Amelia, who already has problems understanding double meanings of words and phrases, and how that impacts her actions. It was pretty cute, and at the end of the story it gives examples of phrases and what they REALLY mean. I actually thought they were much more kid-friendly than the picture books, although not as laugh-out-loud funny. :) less
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shes a girl who wants and she will do anything to get
This was one ofMy favorites I love it so much
This book was very funny!!!!
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