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The Beast In The Cave (2000)

by H.P. Lovecraft(Favorite Author)
3.37 of 5 Votes: 2
review 1: If only all of us could write so concise, and elegantly at the age of fifteen as H.P.-- heck at any age. The prose was quite the compliment to an overall unsatisfying story. Of course the objective wasn't the beast, but the ambiguity of the circumstances; but there was something to be desired. Usually with super short stories, I find it's best for it to have a simple tone,and layout Which wasn't the case here, as the elements were quite intriguing yet swiftly ended.
review 2: I've seen many mixed reviews for this story. However, I have to defend it. Its Lovecraft's first published (as far as I know) and its one of his scariest. But unlike a horror movie, or even some of the newer horror sex/gore fests stories today, you have to work for this to get the m
... moreost out of it. You need to read it with a crystal clear, flexible imagination, and read it alone, at night in a dim room with a single light. If you really get in the shoes of the character, and see everything as he sees it, and you can pull up horrific imagery in you mind at a moment's notice, this is one of Lovecraft's most terrifying stories. Most people aren't up for the challenge, however. less
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While I cannot fault the prose, the story just didn't do much for me.
I found this one extra cool because it is set in Mammoth Cave in KY.
I wasn't gonna sleep tonight anyway.
3 out of 5
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