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Surface Detail (2010)

by Iain M. Banks(Favorite Author)
4.16 of 5 Votes: 2
0316123404 (ISBN13: 9780316123402)
Orbit/Hatchette Book Group (NYC)
review 1: I am a warship. This is my nature; this is what I'm designed and build for. My moment of glory approaches and you can't expect me not to be excited at the prospect. I was fully expecting to spend my operational life just twiddling my metaphorical thumbs in the middle of empty nowhere, ensuring sensible behaviour amongst the rolling boil of fractious civs just by my presence and that of my peers, keeping the peace through the threat of the sheer pandemonium that would result if anybody resurrected the idea of war as a dispute-resolution procedure with the likes of me around. Now some sense-forsaken fuckwit with a death wish has done just that and I strongly suspect i get a chance to shine, baby! I think we all know the saying "Don't fuck with the Cult... moreure."
review 2: The underlying concept of Conscience as an object that can be copied and replicated infinite times between biological bodies and virtual realities, defying the notions of mortality and self, is indeed interesting. And if it is true that occasionally is accompanied by meritorious quotes, the overall lack of literary quality of Surface Detail is just frustrating. The long tedious descriptions, the galactic sci-fi mumbo-jumbo, the countless irrelevant subplots and the ridiculous ending made it really hard to actually finish it. less
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The last sentence makes this whole story a five star. Didn't see that coming and loved it!
"Falling Outside of the Normal Moral Constraints" rocks! I want him on my team :)
Still just love the idea of the Culture. This one's pretty dark, though.
Another decent Culture novel.
one of the best of Culture
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