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The Totally Useless History Of Science (2010)

by Ian Crofton(Favorite Author)
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Quercus Publishing Plc
review 1: What ages would I recommend it too? – Twelve and up. Length? – A couple of days to read.Characters? – Memorable, several characters.Setting? – Real World throughout history.Written approximately? – 2009? There is no publication information page.Does the story leave questions in the readers mind? – Ready to read more.Any issues the author (or a more recent publisher) should cover? No.Short storyline: A history of history in an easy to read timeline format.Notes for the reader: Funny stories, interesting facts, and worth the time it takes to read. Really makes think about the progress, or lack thereof, of medicine and science through the ages!
review 2: Really enjoyable collection of little known science throughout the ages. Easy to read in an alm
... moreost anecdotal form, I found this book perfect for my bedside table. Read a few pages before bed without much danger of getting "hooked" into reading past a reasonable bed time. :) A heads up that a handful of entries are not for the delicate of stomach or animal lovers (I skipped the animal experiment entries). less
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Full of fascinating and mostly useless information, but entertaining:)
Not bad at all.Useless but funny facts from human history of science
Completely useless, as advertised! But lots of fun in small doses.
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