The Importance of Being a Bachelor 2 (Pages 38 – 121)


So many things are happening to this family. I thought that the main characters would be the three brothers, but the parents also have their part.

When Luke and Cassey announce their engagement in their weekly family Sunday roast, Cassey talks to Joan, his mother,and she learns that it will be George and Joan’s fortieth wedding anniversary in the same month that Luke and Cassey want to marry in. So Cassey thinks they should do something for the anniversary, and Joan accepts to have a dinner for the day.

After this happy announcement, the three brothers have their own tribulations. Adams is still reeling from the conversation with his friends at the wedding, and he wants to find a proper girlfriend, but the women he has lately dated have all been disasters. Then one day when he is at the newsagent’s, the woman before her in the queue for the till turns out to be a girl who used to go to the same school as him, Stephanie Holmes. Steph was the most intelligent girl in his class, and she tells him that after school, she went to Oxford University, and then she worked abroad (Japan, USA), and now she returned home when her mother passed away. Even though Adam knows that Steph is not his type, he invites her to a coffee. It is during the coffee that Adam feels attracted to her and her charm, and in the days that follow he keeps thinking about her and what she might be doing and thinking.

On the fifth day after their coffee together, he phones her and leaves a message on her voice mail. When she calls back, Adams doesn’t beat about the bush and asks her  out. Yet, Steph demurs and turns him down, and when he insists, Steph gets angry and tells him the reasons why she doesn’t want to see him again. Apparently, Adam treated her horribly at school, and she says that she wouldn’t go out with him even if he were the last man on earth.

Luke is supposed to be on seventh heaven with his upcoming wedding, but that is not the case. We learn that this won’t be his first wedding. He is divorced and has a daughter, Megan. Jayne is his ex-wife, and when they first met, Luke felt that he had found the piece that was missing in his life. However, some time later they started arguing all the time, but when Jayne fell pregnant, they got married. Jayne turned out to be a control freak, and she made life hard for Luke when he was transferred to London and spent the week there. Jayne wouldn’t let Luke’s parents look after Megan, and then one day when Luke returned, Jayne and Megan had absconded. When Luke went to find her in her parents’ house in bath, his father-in-law told him that Jayne wouldn’t see him. Luke hired a lawyer and got visitation rights even if that meant to drive all the way to Bath. Then Jayne decided to move to France with her parents, and Luke couldn’t stop her. Luke still visited Megan once a month, but Jayne made things difficult for him. Once he found the house empty; another time he was told that Megan was sick and in bed, and the last time he saw his daughter, Megan was very upset. So he finally had to give up.

This matter with his ex and daughter has affected him greatly, and at the beginning of his relationship with Cassie, he explained to her that he didn’t want to have any more children as he didn’t want to go through the same again. Cassie was okay with it, but now as they are engaged, Cassie goes and tells him that she wants them to start a family. Luke hasn’t changed his mind, so Cassie gets upset because despite what she previously claimed, she does want children. I can understand both attitudes. After his experience, Luke is right to feel afraid, but I think that he should also understand that Cassie is not Jayne. As for Cassey, I think she should have think about her feelings about motherhood seriously, which I think she didn’t, and she should have stopped the relationship from going any further if she wanted children.

As for Russ, he is still fighting with his feelings for Cassey. He swears he will get over her, but it is not easy when Cassey calls him to meet and talk. Then he makes a decision, and he tells Angie that he is going to tell Cassey about his real feelings. Naturally, Cassey gets upset because this confession will only hurt himself and his family. Cassey is in love with Luke and won’t have a change of heart all of the sudden, and Russ’s revelation will only make them awkward with each other, and as a consequence, their future relationship will be uncomfortable, and it will affect the others as well. Angie tells him that he is a fool when they are out enjoying the nightlife. They have drunk too much, and when Angie drags him to the dance floor, he finds himself in Angie’s tight embrace, and before he knows what is happening  they are kissing. I hope that Russ doesn’t hurt Angie because she is a nice girl, and she might be in love with him. If Russ does something stupid, he will lose her friendship forever.

And then the major shock comes from the boys’ parents. Adam returns home with a hot girl to spend the night with, and then the said girl has the fright of her life when she finds George, Adam’s dad, in the living room in his underwear. The girl has to go, and when Adam is left alone with his father, he tells him that he has left Joan. The following day Adam calls his brothers, and then his father tells them that since he retired he has been thinking about what else life could offer him, and when he run into a friend in a pub and told him after his fantastic new life as a single man after his divorce, George has been thinking that he wanted to do the same. So this weekend as Joan was away in her sister’s house, he finally made up his mind, packed up, and left a letter to Joan explaining everything.

The three brothers are naturally upset and can’t understand how their father can do something like that to their mother. What is clear that Joan doesn’t deserve to be left by letter, and George needs to talk to her face to face. So they plan to intercept the letter before Joan gets hold of it. They drive to their family house and find their mother already there. The three brothers start looking for the letter, but they can’t find it. When their mother climbs down the stairs, they make up a story about the reason why they are there. Yet, Joan is clever and tells them not to treat her like an idiot as she knows they are there for their father. The three men are surprised and think that she has read the letter, but in a cold tone Joan tells them that there is no letter, and George hasn’t left her; it is her who has kicked him out. Other than that, Joan doesn’t say more as she says this is a private matter between her and George. I have the hunch that Joan has found something about George. The day Luke and Cassey announced their engagement, Joan told Cassey some of the things that took place on her wedding day. One of the things is that her best friend, who was supposed to be her maid of honour, didn’t turn up, so her sister had to replace her, and since then nobody has heard anything about this girl. I have the hunch that maybe something happened between George and this girl, and that is why the young woman absconded, and now maybe Joan has found out.

I love it!!!

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