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Critical Insights: One Hundred Years Of Solitude (2010)

by Ilan Stavans(Favorite Author)
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1587657090 (ISBN13: 9781587657092)
Salem Press
review 1: I this was the second or third time I started this book - never could get into it, but it is rated as wonderful literature so I was determined to read it. It took me almost 150 pages to get into it enough to want to finish it. I think it would make a lot more sense if I read it again, but I'm going to do that. A lot of characters, symbolism I clearly didn't understand, and a part of the world I do not know. Still, it turned out to be interesting, and now I have read it.
review 2: Steeped in magical realism, the saga of the Jose Arcadio Buendia and Ursula Iguarian is woven with village life through the mythical town of Macondo which they founded in a swampy, isolated area. Garcia Marquez eloquently defines the meaning of life interweaving it with cultural b
... moreeliefs and the everyday life of a family. The author's writing style is based on the way his grandmother told stories of family and neighbors during his childhood. One of the most memorable characters is Colonel Aureliano Buendia whose zest for war culminates always in battle defeats yet he is highly respected by his men and peers. Time and time again he avoids death, living a full life and fathers 17 sons named Aureliano. Ursula, Jose's wife, lives long though she loses her sight managing to conceal this fact from family members. She warns of babies born with a pig's tale when family members fall in love with other family members. A man named Melquiades appears again and again to family members stimulating experiments and scientific exploration which is sometimes based on fact and sometimes not. As the years pass the isolation of the town diminishes and family members travel and become acquainted with the progress of the world around them. It's a most interesting read. less
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Strong, memorable characters. Just not entirely my style...
One of my all time favorites!
O meu Autor preferido
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