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Slopjar (2012)

by Ingrid Jennings(Favorite Author)
4.39 of 5 Votes: 2
0985696044 (ISBN13: 9780985696047)
Lioness Publishing House
review 1: This book was amazing! The author puts together many poems that seem more like a story. The author goes in to a lot of detail with the poems and they are very meaningful. Every poem really reaches out to me. I have never read such beautiful poems before. Each poem really catches my eye and I can even relate to some of them. There are even different sections for the poems including: Lunatic, Loneliness, Laughter, Lust, Love, Lucifer and Lord. Anybody who loves poems that really reach out to you would love this book! I was so touched by all of the poems. I give this a five star rating!
review 2: The poems in this collection are startling in their honesty and in their unique view on matters such as mental illness, lust, love, spirituality and many other subjects.
... moreI'm not sure if all these poems were based on the author's life or just on people she has known and experiences she has endured, but either way, Ingrid Jennings did an incredible job of bringing personal stories to life in poems that alternately shout out harsh truths about being human or bring attention to the beautiful, sacred side of life.Although all of the sections are interesting and well-written, I must admit my favorite is the 'Lunatic' section. I have always been fascinated with various mental illnesses and these poems about schizophrenia are dark, fascinating and very touching in their own way. less
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Wonderful and whity...thoroughly enjoyed it
Review pending....but love it!
Good Poetry
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