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The Dogs And The Wolves (1940)

by Irène Némirovsky(Favorite Author)
3.73 of 5 Votes: 5
0701181303 (ISBN13: 9780701181307)
Chatto & Windus
review 1: Maybe I should really give this book four stars, as it was quite a story. If you decide to read it, however, brace yourself for a really heavy dose of what we would consider anti-semitism, and Jewish self-hatred, on the part of the author and of the characters. A real window into the past, at least as filtered through this author. Written by the author of Suite Francaise, a remarkable document of the French defeat and occupation in WWII, who did not live to write the third installment of her suite, as the Nazis sent her to her death in 1942 (her children were saved, and decades later discovered the manuscript had been sent with them for safekeeping). That book was so brilliant, I was curious to read more of her work. Now I think I am done.
review 2: La escritur
... morea de Irene Nemirovsky siempre es extraordinaria. La trama puede parecer ordinaria, común, pero el lenguaje y la profundidad de los caracteres lo hacen interesante. Debo confesar que a momentos me molesta los estereotipos "contra" los judíos, que probablemente respondan más a los prejuicios de la época que a sentimientos reales de la autora ... curiosamente aún me falta por leer su obra más famosa "Suite Francesa", omisión que espero poder superar a la brevedad. less
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I loved so many things about this book. It makes me want to record stories for my own children.
Never a jolly read from Nemirovsky who died in Auschwitz. Full of well-portrayed angst.
Ma quante vite ha vissuto questa donna, per poter scrivere così? Quante?!
I loved loved LOVED it. Her writing amazes me. What a great read!!!!!
A deeply moving novel. I am eager to read much more of her books
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