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48 Hours (2011)

by J. Jackson Bentley(Favorite Author)
3.44 of 5 Votes: 1
Fidus Publishing
City of London
review 1: It's very rare that I give a book 2 stars, but it was only my unwillingness to leave a book unfinished that meant I got to the end of this one. The final third of the book is worth persevering for, but it is hard going before that. The premise of the story is a good one and it does twist and turn nicely, the main problem is the writing style, which I can only describe as clunky. The book would be half as long if the author hadn't felt the need to over describe everything and drop in the brand names (and then explain them) every few sentences. The other thing that I found very irritating was the pure coincidental way that the lead character seemed to know about everything and so could 'explain' it to everyone else, including the detectives. Finally the romance that develops... more between the lead character and his body guard is sickly sweet and unbelievable. So for all of these reasons I will not be looking for any more of the authors' books to read.
review 2: I was intrigued by this novel's premise - a sudden demand to pay £250,000 in 48 hours or be killed. It seemed crazy but equally something that could happen to you out of the blue in real life. I imagine, like Josh, I would think it was a hoax, but the baddie's subsequent actions show you just how serious he is and you wonder what you would do in similar circumstances. The main character, Josh, was a bit wet when it came to women, which was actually a refreshing change, but I could feel for him and his situation all the same and wanted to see him get justice. I loved Dee – she was a tough-as-nails heroine, calm under pressure and resourceful. The scenes told from the baddie's POV made his motives seem reasonable and even vaguely understandable. Overall this is a gripping thriller you would be crazy to miss – especially as it’s FREE! less
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Really enjoyed this story. Def going to buy the next one in the series.
the book got better once i had got into it
A great thriller, well written.
Awful, badly written rubbish.
couldnt get into this book
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