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Mercenaries (2010)

by Jack Ludlow(Favorite Author)
3.72 of 5 Votes: 3
0749007850 (ISBN13: 9780749007850)
Allison & Busby
The Conquest Trilogy
review 1: I found this book very interesting and above all easy to read. what worked for me was the type while I know others felt differently. It is basically the stories of two families, Guaimar and Berengara, brother and sister who have had their inheritance stolen by the evil Panulf. The others are the brothers of the family deHauteville, Norman mercenaries. This book centers mostly on the first two brothers, William and Drogo. I enjoyed the intertwining of the two stories, especially those of Guaimar and Berengara. I will probably continue the series.
review 2: This is the first of a trilogy concerning Norman mercenaries in Italy. The story is interesting and the area of history is not one often explored. The first book focuses on the two eldest sons of a Norman so
... moreldier. There not being sufficient land to sustain the large family, the oldest brothers travel to Italy to join a group of mercenaries. William, the oldest son, is a military genius and establishes himself as the right hand man/son of the leader. However, when he returns from taking the troops on a Sicilian campaign, he finds the leader less enamoured with him. Three more brothers have arrived and the next book promises more political wrangling as well as military campaigns. less
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Rainulf Drengot, Willam Hauteville. The two historic characters that inspired me from this book.
Gripping. And refreshing to read of Normans who went south instead of north.
Highly recommended
Loved this book
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