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Come Again No More: A Novel (2010)

by Jack Todd(Favorite Author)
3.71 of 5 Votes: 5
1416598499 (ISBN13: 9781416598497)
review 1: Eh.....I think the description on the jacket is a bit misleading as it suggest a kind of emotional conflict between the family patriarch, Eli Paint, and his granddaughter and main character, Emaline. Although the novel seems to be headed in that direction for the first portion, it suddenly veers off into the story of Emaline's struggles with her idiot husband during the Great Depression/Dust Bowl. And that's a shame because I believe I would have enjoyed the novel much more had it stayed with the Eli/Emaline story. Emaline falls in love and marries a boxer, Jake, and they struggle to hold on to their small farm through the Great Depression/Dust Bowl. When Jake is initially introduced in the book, he's an interesting enough character - an aging boxer who's just about at the... more end of his career and has been all used up by everyone around him. He seems a complex character with potential at the beginning, but 3 chapters later he's nothing more than an idiot with no depth at all. This is where the book lost me. Jake's only purpose in the book seemed to be to do stupid on such a level that our poor heroine had something to worry with. It was cartoonish. I lost all interest in the heroine at this point as well. I did enjoy the ending, but then it had little to do with the rest of the book which felt like a Hallmark movie - little emotional drama for 3/4 of the story and a quick, neat, mushy wrap up. Just not my kind of book.
review 2: "you always think you're going to have more time than you do, then it slips away and you're left holding nothing at all"that was the line that drew me in. My favorite thing about this book is how Jack Todd has done a great job at giving descriptions, it was easy to understand each charter's actions,how the were feeling and best of all, with every word that was written it gave me a great picture (in my head) of what was happening. Come again no more is realistic with its story telling, the relationships between each character, how a family deals with situations, love and forgiveness. this book has book completely touched my heart. I loved it less
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Looking forward to reading this book which I won from the Goodreads contests! Thank-you.
Excellent follow to Sun Also Rising. Looking forward to the last of the trilogy.
Was a great book, I enjoyed it.
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