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The Forest Laird: A Tale Of William Wallace (2000)

by Jack Whyte(Favorite Author)
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0670068462 (ISBN13: 9780670068463)
The Bravehearts Chronicles
review 1: Well, that happened. For no particular reason whatsoever. I don't hold passion for this kind of books, but apparently that's all I can get my hands on lately, other than university manuals. College doesn't leave much time for pleasure reading, does it now? Entertaining as it could be, fast-paced but with a firm grounding in detail work on characters and settings, "Rebel" captures the reader very well in its first hundred pages or so. Afterwards, it seems to dilute to a mere stumbling story, only to regain force in it's last 50, 60 pages. As long as you are capable of understanding that no book ever is perfect in terms of pacing, as liking a certain pace is a very subjective thing, you can get enough enjoyment out of this (or for that matter, any) reading. What I did find a... mores a note of originality (though that might not be the right word, but i can't find the proper one now) was the usage of Scottish accent on paper - so, dialogue written in a very similar manner to how it's orally presented. That added to the authenticity of the characters, enough so that you believed they were who they said they were, which is frankly what you look for, as a passionate reader.
review 2: Darn good read on the legend of William Wallace, Scots patriot. Mr. Whyte concentrates on the development of Wallace as a leader, as seen through the eyes of his cousin, a priest. Whyte deals with Wallace's gruesome execution at the outset, and the novel is a series of reminiscences by Wallace's cousin, Jamie. The novel is rich in detail on the social mores and politics of the day, especially "the Great Cause," that is, the struggle for succession to the Scottish Throne. Exceptional. less
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Well written, but pretty barbaric in parts. I enjoyed the narrative around how they became archers.
If you like historical fiction, this author is one of the best!
A historic count of William Wallace! So great.
want to read the sequel!!!
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