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They Came On Viking Ships (2005)

by Jackie French(Favorite Author)
4.03 of 5 Votes: 2
0207200114 (ISBN13: 9780207200113)
HarperCollins (Australia) Children's
review 1: When my teacher said to me we were learning about Vikings I was bored. But when we started to read , I was interested. It starts on one of the Scottish Islands, where Hekja and her Ma live. Hekja struggles to fit, because her family is the poorest of the whole village. But when Hekja spots strange ships coming towards the village Hekja is scared. Along with her dog Snarf Hekja has to survive ferocious Vikings, drowning,starvation and everything that is thrown at her.Always a pleasure reading Jackie Frenchs books
review 2: I decided to read this book because I had been searching for a book that was unlike the sort of novel I usually read (dystopian, fantasy or supernatural) and I thought it would be an interesting change.This novel fills in the category of a bo
... moreok that teaches me about another time in history. This is a pretty broad category, but instead of reading something about British/ Tudor history I decided I wanted to know more about Vikings, because I found that I have quite a lot of Scottish Viking blood in me.My favourite quote from this book was “I think of pain differently now. There is pain that hurts, pain that is so bad you can no longer feel it. Your body just says 'hold on'.” 12 year old Hekja had already been through so much more in her life than anyone today could imagine, after being captured after a raid and taken to Greenland to work as a slave. This quote symbolises how strong she was, and how she always fought to stay herself.Something new I learned from this book was that things go wrong in life, and when they do you just have to keep going, and try and prevail. there's no point in giving up.A character I found interesting in this book was the Viking chiefs daughter, Freydis. She was an incredible leader, but her society stopped her from being truly great. She saved Hekja from death because she felt pity for her, as she revealed at the end of the novel, and throughout the story, began to love Hekja as a daughter. On her deathbed, she tells her that she has effectively adopted her, so that she could live her life free from slavery. I felt drawn to this character because she had such a strong personality and she was so loyal and good. less
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it was a book. that should speak volumes
It was an awesome yet bloody book
Great Book!
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