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Knight After Night (2000)

by Jackie Ivie(Favorite Author)
3.35 of 5 Votes: 5
Vampire Assassin League
review 1: I'm so glad this book was free. It didn't really have any plot. It's listed as part of the Vampire Assassin whatever but that didn't really get explained. Jolie was not likable at all. She was just a stupid, whiney girl. Her smarty pants answers to everything was annoying. Also, the Scots brogue is hard to read sometimes. Anyway, this story was to disjointed and it really didn't come together for me. I will not be reading anymore of this series.
review 2: Thoran Alexander MacKettryck, the Sixth Duke of Kettryck. He became a vampire over 400 years and just found his mate. Jolie Pritchard is attending college in Scotland and while at the library, she is accosted by a man with a Scottish accent, wearing a kilt and sword over his back. He invites her to d
... moreinner which she continues to refuse. Thoran earned his fortune being a paid assassin. Jolie is taken by the vampire hunters and a rogue clan that want to kill Thoran. They tell her about Thoran being a vampire and she does not believe them. She later learns the truth and is determined to find out more answers to her questions. While out on an assignment, Jolie and the household come under fire by the hunters that placed a tracker on her earlier. Thoran is determined to keep Jolie as his mate and keep her safe. Jolie falls in love with Thoran and accepts his as her mate.It was good for being such a short read. less
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just loved it. all of the val books have woke this 50 year old woman up. Keep it going Jackie
Not a fan. It was a lacking story.
Free eBook series
Loved it!!!
good read.
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