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The Most Important Catch (2010)

by Jaclyn M. Hawkes(Favorite Author)
3.79 of 5 Votes: 4
Spirit Dance Books LLC
review 1: I actually thought this was a pretty cute book. It had potential of being great, but was just a good, clean, quick read. I liked that it had such an unique storyline. I did struggle with Kelly at times. I still am not sure what her hang up was with Rocker being famous. He was an all around great guy. I think she was thinking she was not good enough...still not sure. The ending was a little cheesy but it was still cute. I am always a sucker for a happy ending. I must admit the "Doc" was creepy all though we don't see him much in the book. He kept just popping up at different times. All in all I liked it and think it would make a cute "chic flick".
review 2: Overall story was promising although it wasn't revealed so in depth.The hero Robby was OK,but Kelly ex
... morecept for her idea to run was overall frustrating and disappointing character.She was behaving like too naive and stupid gal after she started to work for Robby - you know for a girl who is hiding there was shopping in the town she was which was contradiction with her first time hiding her face from all,going to dinners or events with Robby.You know if you find a girl like her jack of all trades i would wonder- she is carpenter,gardener,plumber etc. - LOL.Too much added religion references,that it overwhelms - i mean i don't read romance to receive religious inspirations. less
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If you are LDS and like clean romance, you will enjoy this story.
One of my summer beach reads. :) Fun, sweet LDS story.
A fun suspense with romantic tension. A quick read.
Great story line and a fast read
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