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Flight From Blithmore (2012)

by Jacob Gowans(Favorite Author)
3.94 of 5 Votes: 3
Jacob Gowans
The Storyteller Tales
review 1: Jacob Gowans, like Henry Vestin, hero in the Flight from Blithmore, is destined for greatness. This novel has rekindled my belief in the self-published author. Flight from Blithmore is so well-written, that I often had to set it down to gather my thoughts. The characters are incredibly well developed very early on in the plot, and the twists and turns of the motley crew's journey through the Blithmorean countryside lead one to wish to explore more than the scenery around them. I am completely enamored with Henry as an unlikely hero, and anxiously awaiting a sequel to this instant classic.
review 2: The beginning sucks you in really well, but then it kinda dies in the middle. It switched between the villian and the hero, and I couldn't really have cared less ab
... moreout the details provided for the villian. It also seemed crazy to me that the hero kept thinking he should learn to fight, but he never seemd to make it a priority. It did really pick up at the end, and I found the end enjoyable. I wanted to like it, but for me it didn't quite hit the mark. I will buy a sequel and read that though, because I love the author's other series Psion Beta, and I enjoy supporting him. less
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This was okay, but I had trouble connecting to the characters.
The story was ok but sort of vanilla.
Review to come.
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