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My Teaching (2009)

by Jacques Lacan(Favorite Author)
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1844672700 (ISBN13: 9781844672707)
review 1: I find some of Lacan's formulations fascinating but this collection only grazes the surface of his theories, dealing more with selling the basic premises and insulting people who disagree with him. For someone who ends with a plea to psychoanalysts for humility and subjective destitution, Lacan spends much of his time here calling very smart people stupid and generally being a prick. Sometimes it's funny and almost charming, other times it's cloying. The best part is, by far, the beginning of the second speech, where he makes fun of the word "colloquium" and then spouts off some amazing quotes about the management of human waste. Basically saved the book just as I was starting to consider dropping it entirely.
review 2: This is about as close to an introduction
... more as you are going to get right from the master's mouth (they are transcriptions of speeches Lacan gave to audiences unfamiliar with his thought). In the book, which is eminently readable compared to, for example, Ecrits, Lacan manages to be simultaneously vulgar and obtuse. It's not exactly a lucid explication of what you need to know in order to begin thinking about Lacan, but it does you an idea of what he is on about. Recommended for those thinking about tackling Lacan. less
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Althusser was right to worry about his friend, but Lacan was right about himself, too ...
damn good intro, if you're gonna dive into zizek, this is a good place to start
It was okay!
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