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New York Mi Amor (2008)

by Jacques Tardi(Favorite Author)
3.5 of 5 Votes: 4
2203013141 (ISBN13: 9782203013148)
review 1: Sleazy times square, New York Cit-ay rendered in Jacques Tardi's hyper-realistic and hyper-mediocre ways. Captures all the everyday grime in scabby, scraggly, lovingly, strikingly black and white. And sometimes red too. I used the think Frank Miller was the best noir comic maker with his very first Sin City. Now I think it's mostly bullshit macho postureing. Instead Tardi's work has way more heart, soul, grit, funk, and human empathy. Compassion shines through all the dirtbags' conflicting emotions and explanation of events. These stories are short, and the perfect length actually. I have no idea how they could possibly be longer, the brevity suggests all the detail was fleeting. Recommended for noir addicts, and people who need to see quite possibly the best renderings of... more 1980s times square New York.
review 2: Fantastic. I first got into Tardi through his story "Manhattan" that was in Read Yourself RAW. I have a fascination with the decaying New York of the 70s and 80s, and in that piece Tardi was able to perfectly capture the feel of that time and bring it to life for the reader. Granted a story needs much more than a strong setting, no matter how evocatively done, but that little tale succeeded on a few other levels too. So naturally I was very, very excited when Fantagraphics put out this volume of all of his NYC-centered work.The centerpiece here is Cockroach Killer, a lengthy piece about an exterminator caught in an assassination plot. I was preparing myself for a predictable, by-the-numbers thriller, but instead Tardi and writer Benjamin Legrand brought in some...unexpected elements. I don't want to spoil anything, but there's a pretty brilliant connection of themes at one point and an out-of-left-field mindfuck towards the end. It's an incredibly well done and beautifully drawn piece, and one that should probably have a more prominent place in the cannon than it does."Manhattan" is present here too, and it's as effective as ever. The other two stories, written by Tardi's wife, aren't quite as strong, but they're still impeccably drawn. less
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I had trouble following the first story, but the last one "Hung's Murderer" was really powerful
Grimy book that the drawings convey really well.
Pretty graphic
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