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Duck Fart (2010)

by Jade Buchanan(Favorite Author)
3.67 of 5 Votes: 1
1601682751 (ISBN13: 9781601682758)
Aspen Mountain Press
Wolf Creek
review 1: 3.5 StarsOkay, so a duck, a cat, and a guy. That's ... unexpected. Like many of the other reviewers, I didn't know what I'd get from this offering. Happily, it was entertaining. I'm a PNR fan and I love shifters. This throuple was definitely ... original. Keith (guy), Drake (duck), and Bailey (kitty) were enjoyable characters but there wasn't much world building. Granted, I read this out of order so perhaps more background was given in book 1. Other than that, however, book two worked fine as a stand-alone. Bottom line: steamy shifter menage story; wish it were longer.
review 2: Okay, let me say upfront that I am parts amused and repelled by the title of this book! LOL! Its definitely attention grabbing. I chose to read the story because I read the first b
... moreook in the series and enjoyed it. I really liked this sequel too. This should not be read without reading the first book Black Wolf because it picks up right where the first one left off even if it focuses on a different set of main characters.In this installment, we get the story of a Black Family cousin, Keith a big burly man who is a carpenter by trade, but a jack of all trades when necessary. It is also the story of Bailey a siamese shape shifter who is mentioned in the first story as Adam's friend. And the other main lead is a new character, Drake, a mallard duck shifter. The three guys come together when Bailey leaves home and comes seeking Adam to see if he has a chance with him. That is until Bailey sees Adam with the big wolf that he is mated to. Bailey bumped into both Keith and Drake at the bar and was first attracted to Keith's quiet strength before his angst over seeing Adam taken and not knowing what to do with himself leads him to take up an offer from Drake for a one night stand. The one night stand barely gets started when a problem develops that requires a locksmith which reintroduces Keith.The guys all feel an attraction and spend a weekend exploring it. Each man is so different and brings something different to their threesome. They all enjoy what they have together, but it may take some intervention to keep them from going their separate ways. It takes some Black family intervention to save the day.This was a light, fun romp where a sweet, innocent, uptight Siamese, a world-weary, dirty mouthed and not all he seems Mallard, and a steady, calm, willing to be open human all come together to form one of the most unlikely menage (more like menagerie) et trois in fiction.I can't wait for the next installment to the series. less
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I'm afraid I might be required by law to at least consider reading a book entitled "Duck Fart."
I really enjoyed this book. Wish it was longer.
3.5 stars
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