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Lies In The Dust: A Tale Of Remorse From The Salem Witch Trials (2014)

by Jakob Crane(Favorite Author)
3.66 of 5 Votes: 2
1939017335 (ISBN13: 9781939017338)
Islandport Press
review 1: What an awesome interpretive piece about the Salem witch trials. Written from the perspective of Ann Putnam, this graphic novel gives an often unheard take on the trials. It weaves in the emotions of the different characters in a really interesting way. Gives a cool perspective for students and definitely offers an intriguing look at a historical event. Would be good grades 6-up.Received the book for free through Goodreads First Reads
review 2: The illustrations are brilliant. Sharp, almost cutting, they provide the bulk of the story's nuances. The text is less nuanced, not as fully realized. I wish the format was about three times larger so that one could more easily get caught up in the ink-work. What I really loved about the book as a whole is the fresh, poi
... moregnant angle it came from. I've read a fair bit about that shameful time in the United States' history but never from this slightly canted remove. Very well done, indeed. less
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"What is the true power of a word? A word crafted into an accusation can be wielded like a dagger."
I especially liked the black and white illustrations. They were just right for the subject.
This book would have gotten 3 stars if not for the god-awful lettering. Just baaaad
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