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The Blue Bottle Craft Of Coffee: Growing, Roasting, And Drinking, With Recipes (2012)

by James Freeman(Favorite Author)
4.13 of 5 Votes: 5
1607741180 (ISBN13: 9781607741183)
Ten Speed Press
review 1: Really solid book with a strong authorial voice. If you want to hear about how pod coffee makers are the devil, here's your man. I'm making the sesame absinthe cigars tonight and also ended up copying the very precious instructions for pour over coffee, so that the threat of purchasing a $60 gooseneck kettle now has a paper form that I can store in a binder in my kitchen. (This book also prompted me to buy a gram scale.)
review 2: What a wonderful book. I never actually tried Blue Bottle coffee during my trips to SF, though I definitely heard of them, but now after reading this book they practically become my Mecca. I thought that I know quite a bit about coffee and yet it was an eye opener practically on every page. Combine that with a very personal and I woul
... mored say "human" approach that author has and you've got a five star recommendation in your hands. In short, if you love coffee, but you want to read just one book about it - make it this one. less
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incredibly detailed look at the world of blue bottle coffee, especially how to pull a superb shot.
I credit this book for teaching me everything I need to know about coffee.
GREAT BOOK!Very short, though.But, I LOVE IT.
Lovely book.
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