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The Chill Of Night (2010)

by James Hayman(Favorite Author)
3.85 of 5 Votes: 1
0312532717 (ISBN13: 9780312532710)
Minotaur Books
McCabe & Savage Thriller
review 1: I just love this series its fantastic. McCabe and Savage are great characters these stories just keep you guessing and guessing. I adored the character of Abby who struggles with schizophrenia and is running from the killer who she witnessed killing Laine Goff & now Abby is running for her life terrified that DEATH will catch her. I was drawn to the character of Abby from beginning to end there's just something very special about Abby❤❤❤......I read a review for the next book "Darkness First" saying McCabe was barely in this novel I certainly hope this isn't the case after all McCabe is the central character!!!
review 2: Once again, I've enjoyed James Hayman's writing style immensely. I liked the voice he gave to his characters in his first novel, The Cut
... moreting, and was pleased to find that he brought some of them back for a second go round. I found myself feeling quite attached to the lead character, Portland's homicide detective Michael McCabe, very early on in The Cutting, and felt the same connection with him in this second novel. I did feel like the end of this novel was slightly rushed and that there could have been more solid closure with a few of the characters. I also liked McCabe's girlfriend Kyra, from the first novel, and was disappointed that her role in this subsequent novel was limited. I'm not sure if there are loyalties involved with using business and location names in writing but I found the use of fictitious names for places that I am quite familiar to be a little distracting. I thought the scene with the coffee cup was cleverly thought out, but I'm a little puzzled as to why the resolution was dropped. Overall, I enjoyed The Chill of Night and am disappointed that it had to come to an end. I am hoping to see more novels from James Hayman in the future. less
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I really liked this series. James Hayman is now on my list of favorite authors.
I really enjoyed it. Will get his first book to read and hope he writes more.
A great read set in Maine. Will definitely read more books by this author.
A good read. Kept me guessing for awhile.
Very good mystery / suspense
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